Hostage Hero 3310 is a demake of my previous title, Hostage Hero. This was made as part of the Nokia 3310 Jam. It was built using a 84x48 resolution, which has been scaled up for this release.

This was made in roughly 7 hours (some time spent poorly) and is my first proper dive back into game development in a couple of years. 

The game starts off slow but speeds up the longer you survive. 

There's a lot that can be improved here, but if you're curious, here's the source code.

If you know how I can improve the game/code. Please let me know!

Hope you enjoy :) 



The player: this is you, controls down below.


A box: this is one of the obstacles you'll face. You simply have to jump over it.


The enemy: this is another one of the obstacles you'll face. You cannot jump over him. You must shoot him before he gets too close. 


Jump - W

Shoot - Space

Interact - X

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